Have a question about King Street Towers?

We have the answer! Check out the list of frequently asked questions we have put together below to help you find your place to love.


Can I cancel my lease?

The lease is a binding legal document for duration of the lease term. In the event that that someone needs to end their lease early,  they are required to find a someone to takeover their lease for the remainder of the term. The tenant remains financially responsible for the lease until a takeover is fully executed. For more information, please speak with the General Manager.

How does the sublet process work?

Subletting is a great option for students who only require a place to live for a short period of time. Tenants with a lease at King Street Towers are permitted to sublet their bed space, however, they are required to submitted a completed Sublet Agreement to management for approval. When a tenant sublets their bed space, the tenant must collect rent from the subletter directly and remains responsible for paying the rent to the Landlord. If a sublet is not following the rules and regulations of the building, the Landlord reserves the right to end their sublet tenancy. The tenant remains responsible for all portions of the lease including payments and damages. For more information on subletting and to obtain a Sublet Agreement, please speak with the General Manager.

Apartment Features

Are the apartments furnished?

Yes, all of the apartments are fully furnished and have a full kitchen.  Bedroom: Full-sized bed, nightstand, dresser, study desk and chair.  Living Room: Leather-style sofa, side chair, end table, coffee table, and entertainment stand.  Dining Area: Built-in dining area with chairs.  Kitchen: Full-sized refrigerator, electric range/oven, dishwasher, and microwave.  Laundry: On-site laundry facilities.

Interested in a personal fridge?

Each King Street Towers resident has the option of renting a custom fit, bar fridge that fits inside your armoire that is vented for comfort.  Don’t waste the space in your car or your room with a fridge that does not custom fit your room! Reduce the risk of your suitemates eating your food and drinking your beverages! Rentals are $90.00 for the year, which includes a $10.00 delivery and installation fee. All you have to do is clean it! Fridges are 20.5″w x 32.75″h x 21″d. Not your typical small bar fridge!

Rent & Billing

When is the rent installment due?

Rent installments are due the 1st of every month.

How can I make my rent payment?

We accept checks, money orders and cashier’s checks. We are unable to accept cash.

Resident Programming

What type of programming can I expect?

We provide a premier Residence Life program, which offers a variety of educational, recreational and social activities.  Programs may include activities such as: Alcohol Awareness, Resume Building, Intramural Sports, community participation in campus-wide competitions and many more.

Move In Dates

What can I expect on move-in day?

Move-In Day is the day that your lease contract begins, and the first day that you may pick up keys to your apartment. You will need to connect your utilities before Move-In Day. Typically, all new residents will be moving in on the same day, so expect a lot of activity. The office will have staff members and signs posted to help facilitate a smooth move-in. You will be mailed a “Welcome” letter prior to move-in that will provide you with detailed information about what to expect.


How do we get Cable TV-Telephone-Internet

To setup these services: Bell Canada Contact – Brian Lockwood (519) 850-5795 Toll Free – 1-855-850-5795 – brian.lockwood@bell.ca.

How do we get Hydro?

Call North Hydro at (519) 886-5090.  Hydro is paid directly by you and you are billed every 2 months. You can select equal billing by month, or pay your bill within the discounted period.

Roommate Matching & Requests

What is Roommate matching and how does it work?

Roommate matching is the process by which roommates are matched together using roommate profiles. You can utilize our roommate matching service to find one or more roommates, or you can bring all of your own roommates.