Frequently Asked Questions - King Street Towers

333/339 King Street North

Waterloo, ON N2J2Z1

519 279 6700

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Have a question about King Street Towers?

We have the answer! Check out the list of frequently asked questions we have put together below to help you find your place to love.

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What is included in the cost of rent?

Rent includes heat, water, and furniture

Do you accept individual applications, or do I have to apply to KST as part of a group?

We accept both individual and group applications.

What happens if I have a roommate conflict?

If you are experiencing a roommate conflict, the first step is to talk to your roommate. If you can not resolve your issue, the office would be happy to assist.

Can my friend or partner and I sign a lease for one room and live in it together?

Our rooms are single-occupancy, so two individuals cannot live in one at the same time unless the shared room is rented or you can each sign a lease for a room in the same apartment.

Who can be my guarantor?

A guarantor can be any Canadian or American citizen or resident over the age of 25. The guarantor cannot be a resident themselves.

What if I don’t have someone who can act as my guarantor?

We do offer an option to waive the guarantor requirement. Please reach out to live@kingstreettowers.cato discuss this option in more detail.

What if I’m having something mailed to the building?

If you are receiving mail to the building, your mailing address is:

[Your unit number]
[Your name]
333 or 339 King Street North
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2Z1

Mail will go to the mailboxes in the back lobby. Your unit number corresponds to your mailbox number. Each unit will get one mailbox key to share.

The KST office does not accept any packages from FedEx, Canada Post, Purolator, DHL, UPS, or any other mail carriers.

Why is it a 3-year lease? Can you change it so that it’s only 1 year?

All of our leases are 3-year leases with the ability to opt-out every 12 months. You can end the lease in any year as long as you give notice. Below is a list of start/end dates and early termination deadlines:

If your lease starts on…. It can end on… If you give notice by…
May 3 April 27 November 30
September 3 August 27 November 30

I don’t need my room during the summer. Do you offer 8-month leases?

We do not offer 8-month leases. All our leases are a minimum of 12 months. You are welcomed to find a sublet for the months you will not be in the unit.


Why can’t I move in on the first of the month? Why do I have to wait until the third?

Especially in September, we’re turning over a high volume of beds in a short while. We do our best to get everyone into their new spaces as quickly as possible.


Can I move in early?

Early move-ins are completely dependent on the following:

  • The previous resident moving out on time
  • The condition they leave your unit in
  • How quickly we’re able to get your space ready

We will do our best to accommodate early move-ins, but cannot guarantee them. Please email live@kingstreettowers.cato discuss the possibility of an early move-in.